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Is there anyone working in the field of arterial hypertension without knowing who Professor Stevo Julius is, the doyen of Croatian and world antihypertensive medicine?

He paved many paths, brought up a number of leading world experts, and dedicated his whole life to arterial hypertension, the biggest silent killer of today. He showed special interest in the pathophysiology of the early stages of arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome.
Professor Julius's contribution to the research and treatment of arterial hypertension left a lasting and deep mark in world science, and he is especially responsible for the development and improvement of research and treatment of arterial hypertension in Croatia.

Besides, Stevo Julius is not only our teacher, but he is also our good friend who always gives the right advice.

The scientific and organizing committee unanimously decided that the conference we are overseeing on November 3, 2022, in Zagreb will be renamed to: 

The scientific program of the Conference, the place and the time of the event remain the same, but with a higher idea of ​​promoting science in the name of our dear Professor Stevo Julius.


As a hybrid event, you can join the Conference in two ways!







If you are not able to join us that way, you can participate in the Conference via...


where you will be able to attend all the lectures and discussions (except the Workshops) virtually.




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We are also honored to announce the


which will be held on November 5 as one of the components of the conference.